Taiwan media editorial: This Taiwan election is the dirtiest ever

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Taiwan ’s “China Times” published an editorial on the 25th, stating that Taiwan ’s 2020 election has entered the countdown stage, and South Korea ’s Yu called on the people to boycott fake fake polls. The credibility of the polls was greatly affected, and the election situation seemed strange and unpredictable. The newly-resigned "Japanese Representative in Taiwan" Ganoma Numata recently gave a speech in Japan, stating that the difference between Tsai and Han ’s victory should be within 5%. The DPP ’s 67 seats in the “Legislative Yuan” “will surely fall”. 57 seats.

Numata has a deep understanding of Taiwan's politics, and his judgment on the election situation is in line with the Taiwan election. He further pointed out that Tsai Ing-wen "lacked the appeal like a leader and the ability to call on the people to seduce her to go with her", using the banquet as an example, "she was a person who froze the atmosphere." "" Cai Yingwen went to the countryside to canvass for votes. If he can't stir up the heat, but will turn the atmosphere cold, the ticket will run away. "

The "big brother" in the mouth of the Taiwan authority's head of foreign affairs, Wu Zhaoxuan, is quite capable of penetrating falsehood and directly approaching the truth. He did not believe that Tsai Ing-wen was far ahead of the fake information shown in the polls, and analyzed that Tsai Ing-wen's "frozen" style may suffer a lot in the final sprint stage. Indeed, if the polls are credible, why can't you see the sadness and sadness in Han and among the fans? Instead, they are full of confidence and can consciously reverse the victory.

Many people have criticized South Korea for not playing cards according to the card theory, but this election, the DPP and its followers have crushed and shattered all card laws for democratic elections. South Korea ’s Yu ca n’t withstand the storm without the political thinking and tenacious character of the rivers and lakes that are beyond ordinary people. Is this what the “knowledge blue” can talk about and think about? On the contrary, many people are still able to stand calm and stand firm in the adversity of "black" because of the overwhelming killing by the ruling authorities, the media, and the reputation of "black". "Korean" or more firmly support.

In this election, the DPP took advantage of the ruling power and launched a strategy of unified cooperation. Tsai Ing-wen played the role of commander and chief commander; the ministries of the "Executive Yuan" were responsible for Qiao Shi, money, and charity; Become a frontline assault force. Under the unified operation of the "Green Party Government Media", the regular army, flanks and guerrillas formed a coalition, supporting each other with firepower, in an attempt to encroach on the votes of all parties.

As can be seen from the Yang Yiru incident and the fake message production chain that has been gradually exposed recently, the DPP authorities are not afraid of clear discussions and are determined to win. They create fake messages to carry out propaganda wars, elaborately produce various films, advertisements, attack and discredit opponents, and even sneak sneakily.祟 Use fake websites and accounts to disseminate false statements of candidates. This ruling-led approach is like coal-fired power plants that are raging in Taiwan, creating message pollution day and night, making the whole Taiwan suffocating, forcing people to breathe dirty air of false information.

With the DPP authorities doing everything they can to abuse public power and public resources, and to induce and coerce the media to assist in the secondary election, most media and celebrities repair the "opposition parties" and "black Koreans" day and night. Putting it aside or turning a blind eye is a strange phenomenon not seen in 20 years. It can be said that this election is the dirtiest ever.

Due to the excessive mobilization of traditional media, the Internet, and public opinion, they abused Korea Yu and criticized the KMT day and night to deliberately create the false appearance of Tsai Ing-wen's victory in an attempt to influence the middle voters to submit to the social atmosphere created by the DPP. Under the bombardment of chaotic information, voters are rarely worthy According to the source of the information, most people can only indulge in the stratosphere of social media for heating, thus losing the space for rational thinking and peaceful voting.

In order to win the election, on the one hand, the DPP authorities are desperately trying to be a black hand to create dark information, and on the other hand, they are trying to play Santa Claus. Whether it is funding subsidies or policy checks, the cumulative budget demand has exceeded 550 billion. It also offered a number of tax cuts to create financial black holes. The rough planning involved, bribery of policies, and the transmission of benefits are undeniable.

In the face of the most domineering election in history, although some voters have been blinded, enticed, and fooled by their ignorance, they are unaware of it, but more and more voters are awakening, and it is clear that the DPP will not allow the DPP to continue to govern. Otherwise, Taiwan will fall into an endless robbery. A few days ago, Kaohsiung's "stroke South Korea" and "Than South Korea" mass-construction mass conferences were very clear. On the one hand, they were highly mobilized and did not see enthusiasm. This comparison reflects two very different styles and aspirations of this election. Daba ’s Democratic Progressive Party opposes the bullied KMT, violent re-elections, challengers who adhere to the right path, followers who follow the teacher of justice, obedience to the passive status quo defender, and the self-conscious and conscious public.

A general election to reverse Taiwan's destiny by correcting evil and awakening confrontation is entering the final battle of short-handed soldiers. The people of Taiwan should pierce the obstacles and think with clear rationality: The DPP has been in power for almost 4 years. The overall situation in Taiwan Is it better or worse? The personal treatment is getting better or worse? The DPP will continue to govern for four years. Will the future of Taiwan and the people as a whole be better or worse?

[Responsible editor: Li Jie]

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