From "God of God" to "God of Plague", can the Democratic Progressive Party make a difference?

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The picture shows Taiwan's "Resident Representative" Xie Changting (left) and "Ka Shen" Yang Yiru

Since using a credit card arbitrage in 2006, Yang Minru has "paid in" more than NT $ 1 million in credit card companies, and has been hailed as a "card god" by Taiwan media. It was only this time that it fell to the altar. The prosecution determined that the control of the cyber army criticized Taiwan ’s “Office in Osaka” in response to a typhoon, which indirectly caused the director Su Qicheng to commit suicide. The characters on the DPP's table have been cut off from it, and the "kami god" became the "plague god" overnight.

The DPP was exposed as a "dark corps", the real thief shouted to catch the thief, and the people of Taiwan recognized the deceiving methods of the DPP.

Although the "Dark Corps" in Taiwan's political circles are looming and cannot be accused by name and surname, it is true that there are many victims. Now that Yang Huiru is being prosecuted, Yang Yeru's case not only confirms that the "dark corps" in Taiwan's political circles that the people hate really exist, but that the DPP authorities in the ruling position are still behind the scenes.

At the end of last year, Tsai Ing-wen pushed the responsibility of the DPP's "nine in one" election to the Kuomintang for fake news. In this election, he continuously shouted to guard the democratic system and emphasized that overseas forces undermine democracy in Taiwan. The banner promotes the "Five Laws of the National Security" and the "Reverse Osmosis Law." It turns out that they are the controllers of the "Dark Corps", the destroyers of Taiwan's democracy, and they are really "thieves calling for thieves." According to PTT's online voting, with the participation of more than 10,000 netizens, more than 70% of them considered the "Kashen" case to be a DPP net army. This also makes the public more aware that the so-called "spy case" and "false news" operated by Cai Yingwen's camp are all means of smearing and deception.

The DPP authorities use public funds to support the Internet army to arouse public dissatisfaction

As early as April of this year, the DPP authorities "Agricultural Commission" set a budget of 14.5 million yuan (NT $, the same below) for the implementation of the "Strategy for Strengthening Agricultural Information in 2019". Specially invited 4 "Editorial Members" with monthly salary of more than 40,000 yuan, responsible for handling news and speeches that are not conducive to the "Agricultural Commission" on social platforms such as PTT and YouTube. The "Agricultural Commission" hired a net army of 14.5 million yuan, and netizens dubbed the DPP net army "1450".

When the DPP attacked the Kuomintang, one of its most powerful "weapons" was its attack on the Kuomintang's "party treasury". The "Kashen" case was revealed that many public enterprises of the DPP authorities provided 10 million, 20 million, 30 million, or even more than 100 million yuan to the Yishi company run by Yang Yiru, which counter-provided the democratic progress. It is the party that takes full advantage of its ruling power, takes money from the "central government", and conducts the DPP election affairs in public currency.

The Taiwan media believes that the people currently exposed by Yang Yunru and others are only the tip of the iceberg of the DPP's online army. Yang is a "middleman" and there must be upstream and downstream interest groups in the "industry chain." The North Inspection only runs to Yang this time, avoiding tracing the sources of funds and behind-the-scenes instigators to support the Net Army, "only half of it". Public opinion is even more suspicious that the background is not simple. The cyber army is only a wing that drives the wind. Monopoly of other traditional media also needs to "buy." After taking office in 2016, the Cai authorities have been crying desperately, slashing the pensions of military public education personnel, and now it is confirmed that they use huge public funds to support the net army. This makes the hard-worn retired military church teachers feel embarrassed!

DPP executives eager to cut off

The reason why the Yang Junrunet military case will be delayed for a period of time is because it is difficult for the parties within the DPP to reach agreement on the "intent to extinguish fires" on this issue. Some people in the main camp of Green Camp were eager to cut, and some people watched from the wall because they had been deeply affected.

After Yang Binghong received Xie Changting's appreciation, he was the chief executive of the Xie team network in the 2008 "election" in Taiwan. Since then he has fought in the political arena. He once served as the director of Xie's Reform Foundation and wrote a book in cooperation with Xie Changting. In the accident at the closing of the Kansai Airport in Japan, Yang Shuru launched a net army to defend Xie. In front of such evidence, Xie Changting is still cutting hard, saying, "Is Yang Yaoru responsible for the incident?" It seems to imply that there are higher-level figures such as Cai behind these nets. English is involved.

The operation of the "Dark Corps" is considered to be organized malicious acts by the DPP and the Tsai authorities. DPP Chairman Zhuo Rongtai intentionally cut, emphasizing that Yang Ye ’s case was “just a personal act and has nothing to do with the DPP” and that the outside world should not be happy.

DPP member “Legislative Councilor” Cai Yiyu was reported by netizens that he had traveled to Thailand in the same way as Yang Ye in 2014. Cai cut that he was just an ordinary friend with Yang, but was dug out of the close photos of the two.

Cai Yingwen also was afraid to avoid it. She cut off and said, "If you don't know Yang Yang," the media would then dig up evidence of Cai's interaction with Yang.

South Korea ’s Yu is undoubtedly the biggest victim of the DPP ’s cyber army. The cyber army, together with other “corps” of public opinion, has formed a “black Korean industry chain”. However, as intra-party faction competition intensifies, the DPP's cyber army will also become a political tool of the party chairman. When competing with Tsai Ing-wen for the "Presidential" candidate qualification in the party in 2011, Su Zhenchang was once eliminated by the Net Army; this year's DPP primary election "Cai Lai Controversy", Lai Qingde was also "slammed" by the Cai Army-controlled net army He has confirmed that “(Yang Huiru) and Xie's people are friends”, this is a naked face for the eager to cut green camp horns.

Even the "Apple Daily" criticized the DPP's senior officials for dodging and ambiguous on the matter, "to completely lose the sharpness and dexterity of the DPP's crisis handling routine, and even make people feel guilty."

Among the representative words for Taiwan selected in 2019 a few days ago, the word "random" came out on top, followed by the word "lied", and the word "lied" came from "fake", and "false" brought "chaos".

Wherever you go, you will leave traces. Can the Democratic Progressive Party leaders make it clear? (Nanyang)

[Responsible editor: Zhao Jing]

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