The "Reverse Osmosis Law" Created an Atmosphere to Kill "Green Terror"

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According to Taiwan media reports, on November 25, the DPP "Legislative Yuan" party held a press conference and hurriedly announced the draft of the so-called "Reverse Osmosis Law". A "public hearing" was rushed on the 28th and was delivered directly on the 29th Second reading. In December, the DPP Tsai Ing-wen ’s authorities continued to warn that the bill would be passed by force of third reading before December 31. On the 14th, Tsai Ing-wen even ordered while attending the New Taipei City campaign to require the DPP "Legislative Yuan" party group to pass the "Reverse Osmosis Law" on December 31 to complete the so-called safe "last puzzle piece". Before that, Under the leadership of the DPP, Taiwan's "Legislative Yuan" has passed amendments to the so-called "National Security Law."

The DPP's "Reverse Penetration Law" draft has a total of 12 articles, which are rough and ambiguous. It stipulates that no one shall be instructed, commissioned, or funded by "sources of infiltration" to make political contributions or influence election dismissals and referendums. Offenders may be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of less than 5 years or a fine of up to NT $ 5 million; It also stipulates that no one shall accept instructions, entrust or fund from "sources of infiltration", disrupt social order in an illegal manner, or hinder assemblies or processions.

The author believes that DPP Tsai Ing-wen's strong push for the "reverse penetration method" has the following sinister intentions:

First, it misleads Taiwanese people into creating the so-called "mainland intervention in Taiwan elections" and strives for as many Taiwanese voters as possible to vote for DPP Tsai Ing-wen in the Taiwan elections on January 11, 2020.

Tsai Ing-wen has been in power in Taiwan for almost four years. He has been self-serving and abused power, causing Taiwan to suffer depression and economic decline; social opposition and murders have repeatedly occurred; air pollution is serious and harms the human body; cross-strait confrontation and tension across the Taiwan Strait; Space is shrinking; "Relying on the United States and the United States and the United States" is costly, causing the people to tolerate it, and they have repeatedly taken to the streets to parade, and waved waves of protest to Cai Yingwen.

Tsai Ing-wen knows that he is incapable of governing, lacking good achievements, and ca n’t afford the achievement card. In addition to writing “empty checks” everywhere, madly “spreading coins” and trying to deceive support; that is, setting the 2020 “election” as the main axis The "Anti-China Insurance Taiwan" attempted to conceal and expand its supporters by playing the "sovereign card" to cover up the fact that it was incapable of governing itself.

Tsai Ing-wen had previously led Taiwan's "Legislative Yuan" to force the adoption of the so-called "Five Laws of the National Security" amendment, and then pushed for the so-called "CCP agent to amend the law", which was stopped because of strong questions and criticism from all walks of life.

In November, the mainland fraudster Wang Liqiang sought political asylum, escaped legal sanctions, and fled to Australia, claiming to be a spy in Taiwan and Hong Kong. Tsai Ing-wen felt that he could use his questions and leverage his strength to openly rumored and said, "China's intention to influence Taiwan's election is very obvious. We have seen the shadow of China's intervention in every election, and it has become more and more important. Obvious and getting clearer. "

Therefore, DPP Tsai Ing-wen took the opportunity to throw out the so-called "Reverse Penetration Law" draft, asking the DPP-led "Legislative Yuan" to pass the third reading of the bill before December 31, in order to confuse right and wrong, deceive people, and promote the people of Taiwan. The imagination and consciousness of the so-called "Mainland intervention in Taiwan elections" has been transformed into actions in support of Tsai Ing-wen's re-election under the fear of "united front" and unanimous external thinking.

Secondly, further hinder cross-strait exchanges and resist the good situation of cross-strait integration and development.

The mainland market is vast and the resources are abundant; the industry is complete and the supporting facilities are consistent; they are in love with Taiwan compatriots and timely introduce Taiwan-friendly policies and measures according to the needs of Taiwan compatriots, including opening applications for "Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Resident Residence Cards", and issuing "Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan residents in the Mainland" (Mainland) Interim Measures for Participation in Social Insurance, "31 measures", and "26 measures" cover a wide range and "high gold content", which has greatly facilitated Taiwan compatriots' study, entrepreneurship, employment, and life in the mainland and attracted There are millions of Taiwan compatriots who have developed and stabilized on the mainland for many years. It can be said that the development of cross-strait integration is the trend of the people.

However, in the opinion of DPP Tsai Ing-wen, the trend of enthusiastic exchanges and integrated development across the Taiwan Straits will make more people in Taiwan feel the mainland ’s sincerity and goodwill in caring for Taiwan compatriots, and feel that the mainland is its own development I feel that the Taiwan authorities ’policy of relying on the United States and Japan to resist China ’s lack of legitimacy is an ugly act of resentment against ethics, hindering Tsai Ing-wen ’s promotion of the strategy of“ resisting China ’s support to Taiwan ”, reducing its vilification and even demonizing the mainland The effect will also reduce the effect of its rumors on the mainland.

Therefore, the Democratic Progressive Party Tsai Ing-wen stepped up to promote the "Reverse Penetration Law" with ambiguous content and ambiguous meanings. However, the conviction was relatively clear and the punishment criteria were clear. The Taiwan authorities were free to convict and punish those who violated the "Reverse Penetration Law." There is a lot of freedom in operating space.

Once such a bill is passed, many people in Taiwan may form the "chilling effect" under the consideration that they may easily touch the law and cause less trouble. They will not discuss, support, or participate in cross-strait exchanges, and even dance with the voice of Cai Yingwen. Opposing attitudes have deterred cross-strait exchanges, cooperation, and the development and integration of words and deeds.

Thirdly, the Kuomintang has reduced the space for the peaceful development of cross-strait relations to score points for the benefit of the people of Taiwan, and reduced the DPP's failure to handle cross-strait incompetence.

During the Kuomintang Ma Ying-jeou ’s administration of Taiwan, he not only realized direct “three links” across the Taiwan Straits, facilitated personnel exchanges between the two sides, promoted a large number of mainland residents to travel to Taiwan, promoted the rapid development of Taiwan ’s tourism industry, and brought real cross-Straits to the people of Taiwan. Peace dividend.

After DPP Tsai Ing-wen took office, he continued to promote the "de-Chinese" line, inciting "anti-China, hatred, and resistance" sentiments, provoked cross-strait confrontation, exacerbated tensions across the Taiwan Strait, and resulted in a small inflow of funds, technology, and talent from Taiwan. There are many outflows; causing mainland residents to visit Taiwan to continue a cliff-like decline, Taiwan tourism industry is bitterly bitter; Taiwan has been "broken" by 7 "states of diplomatic relations" for three and a half years.

The Democratic Progressive Party Tsai Ing-wen's push for the "Reverse Osmosis Law" is also intended to create a "green terror" atmosphere that will make the people afraid of cross-strait exchanges and hold back, limiting the space and opportunities for cross-strait development and reducing people's Expectations for the peaceful development of cross-strait relations. This is used to conceal the inadequacy of the DPP Tsai Ing-wen in handling cross-strait affairs and reduce their missteps in handling cross-strait affairs. (Netizen in Taiwan, China: Zhang Liangzhang)

(This article is submitted by netizens and does not represent the views of China Taiwan Net.)

[Responsible editor: Li Jie]

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